As your State Representative for Peterborough, I will work toward solving the challenges of:

★ Improved infrastructure and better roads: Back to basics, proper infrastructure is the foundation of a thriving economy. Rebuilding our roads and bridges as well as expanding our broadband are essential to our state competing on a level playing field both domestically and globally.

★ Property tax relief: The downshifting of expenses to the property tax is a disincentive to our residents and potential residents to purchase homes. New Hampshire’s disproportionate property tax is taxing retired and our elderly out of their homes. The heavy property tax burden has the effect of putting home ownership out of reach for many of our younger residents who are saddled with student debt; many looking to put down roots are looking outside New Hampshire. I am committed to engaging the minds of our state and seeking a long term solution.

★ Combating the opioid epidemic: I believe a three tier approach to the opioid epidemic will be effective. First, treating those addicted as what it is, less a criminal and more a health care challenge, expanding treatment locations and options. Second, targeting the drug at its source, eliminating the supply of drugs coming into our state, cracking down on suppliers. Third, encouraging doctors to prescribe fewer opioids, and educating our youth about the dangers of substance abuse.

★ Medicaid expansion: Medicaid has already provided health insurance to over 50,000 New Hampshire residents, with the federal government paying 90% of the cost. It is making us healthier, happier, and more productive. This is a no brainier, and I strongly support Medicaid expansion.

★ Environment, energy, and agriculture: Climate change is real. We must reduce our dependence on non-sustainable fossil fuels by investing in energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, and infrastructure. An asset of New Hampshire is our clean air, clean water, and healthy environment; we have a duty to preserve our natural resources. I support our local farms and food producers, and believe that safe and healthy food are key to healthy communities.

Please feel free to contact me about the issues that are important to you.