After graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 2006, I started a career in banking as a part-time teller. I quickly moved up the corporate ladder to management. I witnessed first hand the devastation of the Great Recession on people’s lives.

I left banking for three years, during which time I continued management training in food service and obtained an EMT national license. This was also when I met my future husband Josh.

At this time, the Occupy Wall Street movement was taking place. I went down to NYC to experience the power of people united in a cause seeking change. This had a profound effect on me. It was one of many times I understood that it is action that creates change, that few can have a positive effect on many, that waiting for others to do something will not move the needle, that you do not have to be "special" to participate in our democracy, that you just must be willing.

In 2013, Josh and I moved to New Hampshire to launch a company, and I returned to banking. Josh was from New Hampshire and had spent most of his 20s traveling the country. When I left Rhode Island, I was a bit disenfranchised and searching for something, like many of us who grew up in the Great Recession. We did not know the area well and happened into Peterborough.

What we found here in Peterborough is community. Community, a word that had not meant much to us previously, something that is hard to describe unless you've experienced it. This community has welcomed us with open arms. For this we are grateful. For this we have a sense of duty to give back, to participate in what makes our town and our community something special.